Colours: Green for 2017

Pantone are great influencers of interior décor and recently announced their favoured colour for 2017 is Green. This may seem to be a strange choice as green is a colour people either love or hate, so often associated negatively with envy, jealousy and superstition. However, all colours have both negative and positive effects. If used skilfully in a design, green can enliven a space, or make it feel restful, peaceful and tranquil. Green is a popular choice to use in homes and offices.

It is the colour of nature–imagine an English landscape and how impoverished it would look without green. The beauty of flowers and fruit is enhanced by their green leaves. The many hues (shades) of green make it versatile and able to partner with vibrant and pastel colours.

Green is an excellent colour to provide the elusive ‘wow factor .When used as a block of colour on a feature wall in a lounge or shower it will give a dramatic impact. A simple green glass splashback will look stunning in a white hi-gloss kitchen. In general, whatever the choice of colour pallet, the use of green accents and accessories will ‘complete’ a design.