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I visit a lot of homes where the rooms have plain walls making them look unfinished sterile and lacking personality. When I remark on the absence of any type of artwork typical responses from clients are ‘Never really thought about it’, ’pictures are dust traps’ ‘Why bother’?
In response to the latter I tell them that as an Interior Designer I consider there are three main reasons:
Artwork ‘pulls a room together’ and immediately transforms it from a bleak dull space into a place of interest.
Colours featured in a much-loved picture can provide inspiration when choosing a colour pallet or a theme for the room.
Pictures are a great talking point.

Many people associate Art with paintings and photographs but Artwork comes in other forms e.g. posters wall art metalwork and glass to name but a few. Choice is always dependent on individual taste and generally gives an insight into the owner’s personality.

So where to start? My main tips are:
It should be interesting and meaningful to the owner.
Buying a piece of artwork can be a good financial investment for the future but always seek expert advice before purchasing.

The artwork featured in this blog is called “Golden Years #1”.

It is a limited edition print and is an homage to David Bowie.
The sounds of one his most evocative songs have been visually mapped as golden cubes.
Designer Posters is a collaboration between 3d digital illustrator David Newton and brand designer Andy Paterson-Jones.
They have joined forces to create original wall art for stylish homes and offices.
The poster is available in a glass mounted A2 frame for £150.



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