In praise of the Tub Chair

I am a huge fan of the Tub Chair.
Although it is unclear who invented the chair it is thought to have originated in Europe.  According to records the chair was personally favoured by Louis XV. In the late 18th Century it was exported to America and given the name Tub Chair, by the famous designer Charles F Montgomery, due to the chair back resembling that of an old fashioned bath tub.
In Victorian Britain the Tub Chair became a favourite item of furniture in gentlemen’s clubs and wealthy households.
Iconic in design the tub chair is timeless. It has retained its popularity through the centuries, its success doubtless due to its comfortable shape and ability to evolve, accommodating fabrics, fashions and architectural styles of successive eras.

The Tub Chair is perfect for 21st Century Inclusive Design as this style of seating is safe and suitable for any user with head control.
Fully upholstered the chair is supportive, but enables the body to relax. The overall shape maintains good posture and gives the occupant a sense of security. The backrest is firm, the seat is comfortably padded and the sides enclose but do not uncomfortably restrict. The armrests enable alignment of the upper limbs and are at a height that assists the user to move safely from sitting into standing.

The Tub Chair can be upholstered in patterns, plain, light or heavyweight fabrics, enabling it to be bespoke, used as a ‘statement piece’ or to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. This versatility makes it suitable for use in domestic and commercial settings and a ‘must have’ item of furniture for 21st Century Living.