The Well-Dressed Bed

It has been medically proven that sleep is essential in maintaining good health. As most people spend between 6 -8 hours (and sometimes longer) each day resting and sleeping in bed it would seem reasonable to classify the bedroom as being one of the most important rooms in the house.
I visit a lot of houses and I am constantly amazed when I regularly discover ‘neglected’ beds covered in an assortment of blankets lumpy pillows and ancient discoloured sheets. Not very enticing!
In any bedroom the bed is the most important item of furniture as apart from its obvious purpose it is invariably the focal point of the room. A well- dressed bed provides a ‘quick fix’ for a room requiring redecoration as it successfully diverts the eye from shabby décor.
All styles of beds including simple divans and those with expensive frames will be enhanced by coordinated or ‘themed’ bedding. Even hospital beds can be transformed from ugly ducklings into swans. The ‘wow factor’ is mainly achieved by colour coordination, and adding pillows cushions and Throws and these can be expensive or inexpensive according to your budget.
Try these tips:

  • Choose a colour and use this as your base line.
  • Discard and replace lumpy pillows and cushions with new ones.
  • Invest in a duvet – this gives the bed a smooth and even surface.
  • Purchase coordinated sets of duvet covers and pillowcases or try pillowcases in a contrast colour
  • Use a single colour duvet cover with patterned pillow cases and cushions
  • If you prefer a bedspread to a Throw imitate the look of a Throw by pleating the bedspread into approx 55cm wide folds and placing at the bottom end of the bed (widthways).
  • Add cushions – 2 – 3 maximum – and position them at the bottom edge of the pillows
  • For powered beds – A detachable valance will disguise the underside and controls

The sales are on – so why not go shopping, treat yourself to a little luxury and buy some new bed linen. Your bed will no longer be simply a place to sleep but instead a place where you want to sleep!