Bathroom Accessories

We all enjoy pampering ourselves and there are so many Body Lotions Shower Gels and Shampoos to choose from, in an unending array of fragrances and colours. We all love a bargain so manufacturers use large plastic bottles, in a variety of shapes, to package their products but although moneysaving these are sometimes difficult to handle and balance during use especially for those with weak wrists and painful hands.

There is a solution. Most product bottles, especially the plastic ones, are unattractive and the colour may not suit your colour scheme. So, try decanting the contents into a more stylish container.

Oil pourers and dispensers with plunger tops are ideal. They can be purchased from most department stores supermarkets and catalogues in a range of styles and materials. Glass ceramic or acrylic, and patterned textured or plain, the choice is endless. As an added bonus you will be able to buy your favourite fragrance confident the container will complement, and not clash with, your bathroom décor!