Working in Partnership with 1st Choice Stairlifts

1CS Colin & Coral.jpg

DESIGNATE has formed a working partnership with 1st Choice Stairlifts as the owners - Coral and Colin Affleck-Major - are committed to Inclusive Design and strongly believe that people who have difficulty in climbing stairs are entitled to dignified and aesthetic solutions that reflect 21st Century aspirational living.

 Many people who have difficulty climbing stairs consider stairlifts to be ugly and a solution only for ‘old people’. Coral and Colin are aware this perception has arisen from limited knowledge and advertisements that generally feature brown or beige stairlifts that look drab and clash with décor.

Determined to dispel this myth, Colin and Coral have designed a showroom that has level access and beautiful décor and lighting. 1st Choice Stairlifts is an independent stairlift provider and the showroom features stairlifts from several manufacturers.

All the stairlifts are working models showcased in a variety of colours and fitted to short flights of stairs that reflect a variety of staircase styles enabling visitors to able to try each type of lift in a realistic stetting.

1st Choice Stairlifts are committed to customer satisfaction and work closely with Occupational Therapists. Following a full assessment of the clients’ home and installations are carried out by a team of expert fitters. Colin has a wealth of experience in stairlift installation and is on hand for advice. If minor building work is required as part of the installation this is carried out tidily and to the highest standard.